Each pearl shape possesses its unique charm, appeal, and value. Understanding these differences can greatly enrich your jewelry selection process. Let's delve into a brief overview of the most prevalent pearl shapes - Round/Semi-Round, Drop, Baroque, and Circle Baroque, each with its distinctive features and value proposition.



  - Most valuable and sought after pearl shapes.

  - Semi-round pearls can look fully round when threaded together on a necklace or bracelet.



  - Symmetrically elongated, often resembling the shape of a teardrop.

  - Especially valuable when possessing an ideal "pear-shape".



  - Noted for their irregular and sometimes elongated shapes.

  - Distinct "character" attracts many enthusiasts.

  - Commonly used in bespoke jewelry pieces.


Circle Baroque

  - Identified by unique rings that encircle the pearl.

  - Most commonly found in Tahitian and South Sea Pearls.

  - Generally the most budget-friendly among all pearl shapes.


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