Giving Back

At Chaulri, we believe that jewelry goes beyond mere aesthetics. It carries a transformative power to make a positive impact on society. We are committed to creating extraordinary jewelry that allows every customer to feel their purchase contributes to a better world.

We are pleased to share that a portion of our sales has been continuously dedicated to organizations that promote child welfare. We are now also turning our attention to additional causes. As part of our expanding philanthropic commitment, we are set to support nonprofit organizations dedicated to empowering women, conserving our oceans, and protecting animals. By supporting these organizations, we strive to contribute to societal development, environmental preservation, and the well-being of vulnerable communities.

We understand your desire to contribute to society. When you select Chaulri, your purchase becomes a meaningful action. Whether celebrating personal achievements or expressing care and love to others, you actively participate in driving social change.

Together, let's use the power of jewelry to inspire hope, foster compassion, and create positive change in society.

Stay tuned for updates on our philanthropic initiatives and the specific organizations we support.