Our Story

Chaulri: Hope Shines, Love Endures - Celebrating Timeless Beauty and Lasting Connections

Chaulri's journey began in 2006, rooted in a deep passion for antique jewelry. Our core values of celebration, hope, affection, uniqueness, legacy, reliability, and inspiration have driven our appreciation for jewelry's ability to tell stories and evoke emotions. In response to environmental concerns associated with traditional antique jewelry materials, Chaulri was founded with a commitment to blending sustainable cultured pearls with eco-friendly materials.

We strive to make this refined elegance accessible, ensuring that our exquisite creations are both affordable and imbued with timeless beauty, reaching a wider audience. Our pieces are more than just jewelry; they are sustainable art pieces, each crafted with unique significance and timeless elegance.

Chaulri is dedicated to providing a premier shopping experience. From fast and secure delivery and exquisite jewelry box packaging to comprehensive pre-sale and after-sale services, we ensure that each customer enjoys an unparalleled service. Our commitment to high-quality jewelry and exceptional service is designed to make every occasion special, connecting deeply with our customers through every significant moment in their lives.

Our innovative approach to combining traditional elements with modern aesthetics was recognized at the 13th Annual International Pearl Design Competition (IPDC), where our Tahitian pearl Drawstring earrings won the Luster Award. This recognition, along with coverage from media like JCK magazine, highlights our success in the industry and our dedication to innovation in pearl jewelry design.

Embracing our role in society, Chaulri supports charitable causes, aiming to extend our positive impact beyond the realm of exquisite jewelry.