Ensuring the longevity and beauty of your pearl jewelry involves certain practices that include daily care, proper storage, regular maintenance, and following appropriate cleaning guidelines. Here are some suggestions to help keep your pearls looking their best for years to come:

Daily Care
- Pearls, being organic gems, are susceptible to acids, alkalines, and extremes of humidity.
- Avoid letting pearls come into contact with cosmetics, hair spray, or perfume.
- Always apply jewelry as the last touch, after makeup and hair styling.
- Wipe pearls gently with a soft cloth before storing them to prevent damage from perspiration.

Storage Recommendations
- Pearls can get scratched by sharp objects or other gemstones.
- Secure all clasps and pins, then store each jewelry piece separately in a compartmentalized jewelry box.
- Use a protective jewelry pouch when traveling.
- Avoid storing pearl jewelry in safety deposit boxes for extended periods to prevent dehydration.
- Keep in mind the saying, "Pearls love to be worn."
- Pearl rings are intended for special occasions, not for everyday wear.

Regular Maintenance 
- Inspect jewel-supporting prongs, necklace clasps, earring screws, and brooch pins before wearing your jewelry.
- Although pearl necklaces are strung with resilient thread, they may break if the thread stretches or loosens.
- It's recommended to have your pearls restrung regularly, regardless of their usage frequency.

Cleaning Guidelines
- If your jewelry's radiance seems to be fading, consider consulting a specialist.
- Avoid using an ultrasonic cleaner with pearl jewelry, as it can damage the pearls.

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